Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I'm Nuts

Tonight I wasn't really planning on making anything.  We have lots of leftovers from Mom's birthday, and lots of soup from last night, but Mom was craving something with pasta.  I knew we had broccoli that needed to be used soon, so I did a quick Google of broccoli pasta and came up with broccoli walnut pasta.  It seemed quick and pretty easy, and I knew Mom and Mark in particular would love it.  They love pasta, broccoli, and walnuts.  I knew that in exchange for making them happy, my sisters would not be happy.  For tonight, pleasing everyone was not in the books!

It was pretty quick, which was good because I am feeling exhausted from a very long day.  I cooked the pasta, toasted some walnuts, sauteed some garlic and broccoli, and grated my last hunk of romano and some Parmesan on top.  The end result was a very happy mother and boyfriend.  Mark had seconds, and Mom said it was one of the best pasta dishes I've made.  Rachael complained bitterly and removed every nut from her plate, Nick-style.  When Kenz got home from class, she had it and said "worst pasta ever."  I had to laugh.  They both hate walnuts, so I knew that was coming!

As for me?  I think it's okay.  To be honest, I think I may have slightly over-toasted some of the nuts, so they were a little bitter.  Plus I doubled the pasta but nothing else, just because I didn't have enough of the other stuff.  This meant it was a little drier than it should be.  With that said, I do like the combination of broccoli, garlic, pasta and walnuts, so I think this meal has potential if I wasn't rushing and being lazy!

broccoli walnut pasta

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