Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy 14th Birthday, Daisy!

Today is the day my baby girl turns 14!  I can't believe it.  It seems like just yesterday - and also about 20 years ago  - that Daisy was a tiny puppy knocking over the trash and eating rotten cucumbers.  And now I have officially had her more than half my life!  She has overcome cancer, Lyme disease, and Delilah, and was the oldest and yet youngest looking senior hound at Woofstock Saturday!  I am so proud of her and adore her more than is probably normal.

In honor of my honey hound, I decided to make a birthday cake tonight.  I found a dog-friendly cake recipe made from whole wheat flour, baking soda, peanut butter, vegetable oil, honey, carrots, and an egg.  I made it in a loaf pan, and then carefully cut it out in the shape of a dog bone.  I know, I'm a dork.  I chose not to frost it with peanut butter because they have both had enough treats today.  Plus, both hounds have have already gotten the pieces I cut off and they were pretty pumped about it.

Since the dogs were covered now, I decided to make an apple pie with some of the 5 million apples left from Kenzie's apple picking trip. My family has been pestering me for weeks for a pie, so tonight was a good chance.  Big thanks to Mama who peeled and cut my apples for me!  I made a new pie dough recipe tonight, and this one was so easy!  I never had to take out my pastry cutter!  All I had to do was toss everything in the mixer.  Of course I neglected to carefully read the pie recipe and notice I had to make two doughs, so please note you have to double the recipe for the dough!  Luckily they are super quick to throw together. 

To continue the Daisy love theme, instead of a lattice pattern for the top crust, I decided to use heart and dog bone cookie cutters to make a crust!  I think it came out pretty damn cute too.
Watching me cut the cake

We love you, Daisy!
The pie had to cool while my family begged me to cut into it.  The dogs were salivating over their cake.  I'd say it was time to feed the masses their desserts!  Everyone was happy to devour the treats.  I made the dogs eat only part of their cake and save the rest for tomorrow.  They were ecstatic and devoured their pieces.  We, meanwhile, ate more than half the pie.  Mom said it was a perfect pie crust, and although Alex made inappropriate comments about the dog bones shapes, everyone enjoyed it.  Even Rachael, despite the fact that she then announced I am making her fat.  I'd say it was worth it.

dog birthday cake
apple pie
pie dough

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