Tuesday, May 8, 2012

To Daddy

When your dad is sick, small artifacts from life "Before" become incredibly important.  Coffee mugs that are way too small to fit even a Keurig coffee do not get thrown away, because they say DIGITAL on them, and Dad got them at work.  Ratty old tee shirts from his old road races or business trips become our favorite pajamas.  And anything, anything, with his handwriting on it, is crazy precious!  We don't get to see Dad's chicken scratch anymore, so short notes, grocery lists, tax calcuations, and recipes become treasured artifacts.  Tonight it was time to take a closer look at the latter. 

Dad had hand-written a recipe for blueberry muffins, and I remember them being the best muffins ever.  A few years ago, when we stumbled upon the page, Anne had it framed.  It's a mess: wrinkled, creased, stained (like all of Dad's favorite recipes!  He was a messy chef.)  It says "add vanilla" but never says how much (I did a teaspoon).  It says to add the dry ingredients alternately with the milk, but never says to mix the dry ingredients together first (thank god I ama  baking pro these days!  A newbie would have struggled here!) And yet, this sheet of paper means way more than a flashy new cookbook.  I love cooking things that Dad used to cook for us.  It makes me feel like I really am his daughter :)

It would be easier for you if I posted the recipe with my amendments, and typed it all up nice, but I am not going to.  It will mean more if you make these using Dad's words :)  Love you Daddy!

Dad's blueberry muffins

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