Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cereal Treat Mania

This is turning out to be a ridiculously busy week.  I have a lot of things that all seem to be happening at the same time, and that did not hit me until last night, around 11 PM.  And then 12... and 1... and 2... and you get the idea.  I am crazy tired tonight, but had the kitchen calling my name!  I am still working on stockpiling food for the Cure is Coming on Saturday, so I worked on energy bites for that.  I also made two batches of a snazzy version of Rice Krispie treats!

I had seen a recipe for Trix Krispies (which to me are wrongly named... should be Trix Treats). They were so beautiful, I felt an instant need to make them.  Not like rice krispie treats were my favorite or anything, but with the colors and everything - so pretty!  The first batch was supposed to be for a wedding shower breakfast at work tomorrow morning, but Mom, Mark and Rachael ate so much of them that I was forced to make a second batch, and allow them to devour the first!  I am actually glad that I started over, because I decided that the original recipe did not call for enough marshmallows and butter; the treats were not sticking together well at all.  For my second batch, I kept the amount of cereal the same, but doubled the butter and marshmallows, and it came out much better.  I will confess that this may be a strange thing to bring to a shower, and they are gorgeous but look a little childish.... but I do think that as soon as anyone bites into one, they will be happy.  You forget how great  Trix are until you eat them!  Not to be outdone, Mark ran to the store and bought some random cereals of his own; hence we also have Captain Crunch treats from him tonight as well!

For the runners on Saturday, I also made energy bites tonight.  I thought it would be a good breakfast for runners, because they are healthy and will give them the energy to run!  They have things like ground flaxseed, honey, and oats in them, along with peanut butter, vanilla, chocolate chips, and coconut.  I mixed up the ingredients, put them in the fridge, and then rolled it into little balls.  Hopefully Team Tony will feel energized after eating a couple Saturday morning :)

And now: a much-needed good night's sleep, I hope!

energy bites

Trix Krispies
adapted from Cravings of a Lunatic

4 cups mini-marshmallows
10 cups Trix cereal
1 stick butter


1)  Place the butter and marshmallows in a glass bowl and microwave until melted, 3-5 minutes.  You may need to stir in between microwave sessions.

2) Stir well, until mixed.

3) Pour onto the Trix, and stir.

4) Pour into a large greased pan (9 x 13 or 9 x 11) and press down with a spoon.

5) Cut into squares once it has hardened.

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