Monday, April 30, 2012


I feel like a real Frankenstein.  I have created a living thing! No, seriously: I made yogurt.  Greek yogurt, to be precise!

This morning I raced to the oven and was happy to see that it still felt warm in there (I still can't believe the light kept it toasty enough!).  When I took the lid off, voila: yogurt!  But I couldn't dig in yet, because it has to be strained to remove the whey (like as in curds and whey, Little Miss Muffet style).  I got home from work tonight a little too excited to check my creation, and it was perfect.  All the watery whey had strained out, and I was left with Greek yogurt!!!  I stirred in some vanilla extract, because I am not one to eat plain Greek yogurt.  Then it was time to work on my mix-ins!

I had frozen strawberries, so I decided to try making the sauce with those.  The recipe says to use peaches, raspberries, or blueberries, but it worked just fine with strawberries.  It is really easy and quick to make - probably takes less than 20 minutes.  I am now excitedly waiting for the sauce to cool so that I can stir some into my yogurt, and revolutionize my life.

Short post tonight...I barely slept last night... but I had to share my excitement.  More yogurt, and new mix-ins to attempt tomorrow :)

yogurt mix-ins

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