Monday, April 23, 2012

Strawberry Streak

I am on a real strawberry streak lately.  I think it is because they seem to be always on sale at every store I walk into.  Currently we have 3 containers of strawberries in the fridge (or at least we did before I baked with them tonight!)  I was searching on Pinterest for some way to use some berries, and I came across strawberry and Nutella muffins.  When I brought up the idea to my mom, she unsurprisingly acted like it sounded gross, but I was interested.  Kenzie was making dinner tonight, so I could just bake away the stress of the first day back to work!

These were pretty quick to mix together.  One good thing that happened is the buttermilk incident.  The recipe called for buttermilk.  I swear, 75% of the time that I need buttermilk, I don't have it.  My mom taught me that you can make your own with milk and vinegar, but I've always had to Google it just to be sure that I had the right measurements.  Tonight was the first time that I just did it.  I finally memorized it!  This is nothing huge, because it's just a cup of milk and a tablespoon of vingegar, but I take it as a sign of my confidence in the kitchen! I finally trusted myself and only got nervous after I poured it in.  Luckily, I was okay :)
Surprise! Nutella inside!
Strawberry and Nutella muffin

The good news is that everyone loves them!  The recipe only makes 9 muffins, which I was happy about because we always seem to throw out my baked goods, but I actually think there is a chance these will all go.  Mom, Kenzie, Mark and Rachael already had one.  Mom, who was a big doubter, was pleasantly surprised and rated it a 8.  Kenzie refuses to give numbers because she says she is against the "Richter scale," but she said she likes them better than any other muffin I've made.  Success!
Mark is excited to try his muffin

strawberry and Nutella muffins

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