Sunday, April 22, 2012

6 More Mondays...

Well, the last week has been wonderful, but unfortunately, it went by way too fast!  Vacation is already over and it's back to work tomorrow.  This has me quite depressed.  The good news is that we only have 7 more weeks of school before summer vacation!!!  And, since we have Memorial Day, it's only 6 more Mondays.  This is going to be my mantra to get me through tomorrow.

The last couple days have flown by in a blur of graduation parties, going out to eat, and being sick :(  I've had a pretty nasty cold since Friday, but I'm trying to ignore the fact that it feels like it could turn into bronchitis; I wanted to squeeze every last enjoyable second out of my last days of vacation.  So I have been doing a little work in the kitchen and hoping I am washing my hands enough not to spread my germs!

For Seth's graduation party yesterday, I made my taquitos, per Tracy's request!  I've posted about them two times before, and they are quite a hit.  In fact, they all went at the party!  Considering the insane amount of food at this party, I think it is safe to say that these are fool-proof party appetizers!  You should make them the next time you have to bring something to a party :)  The good part is that you can do most of the work before the party.  I actually mixed up the filling Friday night.  I was worried they'd get mushy sitting in the fridge overnight, so I stuffed them Saturday morning, and then baked them once I got to the party.  We served them with sour cream and salsa on the side.  Mmmm!

Saturday after the party, I attempted to pretend I wasn't feeling sick, and my favorite food blog had recently posted a recipe for blueberry bagels!  I love making bagels, and blueberry bagels are among my top flavors, so I had to make it.  Mark and I bought dried blueberries for them earlier in the week, and since I was home alone and had nothing else to do, I thought it was a good time to get the dough started.

Despite my love for bagel-making, blueberry bagels are a bit more stressful.  You don't add the berries until the dough is already made, and bagel dough is tough.  Literally.  It's very stiff,  and so it is no easy task to shove 2 cups of dried blueberries into it!  That part took a while, and I was getting frustrated, and some of my berries squashed a bit and made for some messy-looking bagels, but I can say it's worth it.  If you try the recipe, don't give up at this point!  One more note: the recipe says it makes 12-14 bagels, but I think they are too large.  I made smaller bagels, and made 20.  They aren't tiny, but a perfect size for a breakfast!

I boiled and baked them this morning, and Mom said they were the best bagels she ever had!  Kenzie claimed it was the best thing she ever put in her mouth.  They both rated them a 10!  They are a huge hit.  Somehow my berries seem as though they haven't been dried a day in their lives.... soooo juicy and flavorful!  As much as I hated these bagels when I was trying to incorporate the berries, I have to admit that I love them now.

Time for bed now... 6 more Mondays...

creamy chicken taquitos
blueberry bagels

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