Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Guest Post #4: Rachael

It's time for another guest post!  Introducing Rachael, my youngest sister.  Rach is fairly easy to please - she only really seems to hate mushrooms and eggs (well, and all Mexican food, which is bizarre).  She also likes healthy stuff and is more apt to eat quinoa or soba noodles than the rest of the family.  However, she's sort of a quiet influence on the blog; she doesn't often complain or rave about things.  I was pretty excited and interested to hear her thoughts actually!  Since it was her birthday yesterday, I thought she'd be a perfect guest poster.  I would have had her post last night, but she was too busy being the birthday girl.  So happy belated birthday, Rachael, and welcome to her guest post!

Please introduce yourself!  
I'm Rachael, Bridget's youngest sister.

What do you think of Bridget's cooking?
I think Bridge's cooking is  pretty awesome. I hate to cook. I love to eat - WINNING.
I like that she is always in the kitchen or on the treadmill these days. It is nice to see her with something other than a book in her hand. 

What do you wish Bridget would change about her cooking?
I wish Bridget would change the quote "BYOI" or "buy your own ingredients". When I get a meal cooked for me i don't want to have anything to do with it - except maybe set the table. :)  I also don't like her famous quote - "Cookers aren't cleaners".  However - she does usually end up doing it all in the end.

I wish Bridget would make more chicken. I understand that all raw meat is gross -- but i miss the protein and the energy it gives me when I eat it. I don't miss red meat at all - so you can keep not making that.



What have been some of your favorite all-time recipes that Bridget has made?
Olive Garden Minestrone Soup!!
Vegetarian steamed dumplings with soy sauce
Chocolate crinkle cookies
baked ravioli

What were your top 3 recipes from 2013?
carrot cake
English muffins

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