Thursday, January 2, 2014

Guest Post #3: Mark

If you really wanted to know what my darling fiancé Mark thinks of my cooking, you'll have to ask him in person.  He'd talk your ear off in real life, but in writing, he's a man of few words.  

The good news about Mark is that he likes almost everything.  He is into eating healthy and loves things like quinoa.  He really only hates eggs (this is new) and ground chicken (which I also hate), and he is always willing to try the weird things that I create.  He's a great sport, and for that reason, he will be a well-fed husband!  Love you, Marky!

Please introduce yourself!  
Mark Ajemian, famous local celebrity.

What do you think of Bridget's cooking?
She is a very good cook, who tries to make healthy but tasty foods and meals.

What do you wish Bridget would change about her cooking?
Add a little more spice and protein.  Some of her meals can not be spicy enough or not have enough protein, which will make you hungry soon after.

What have been some of your favorite all-time recipes that Bridget has made?
tortilla soup with black beans, quinoa salad with watermelon and feta, baked falafel with tzatziki

What were your top 3 recipes from 2013?
key lime pie (recipe soon to come!), Olive Garden minestrone soup, French onion soup with braised short ribs.

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