Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fluffernutter Cookies

I had really planned on taking the day off from my resolution.  After all, yesterday I made 3 things, and the two previos days I've made two things.  We have a lot of food in our house right now, ranging from entrees to desserts.  But then... I get this late-night urge to bake sometimes and tonight I was unable to resist it.  I made the mistake of browsing around my favorite blogs, and I stumbled upon these: fluffernutter cookies.  Yes, fluffernutter.  You know, like a peanut butter and Fluff sandwich?

Okay, yeah, I know I made peanut butter cookies last night.  But these are totally different.  They are peanut butter cookies, topped with mini marshmallows, and drizzled with a chocolate glaze!  All right, fine, maybe that doesn't sound all that different, but these two cookies, while both amazing, are different.  This cookie is reminiscent of everyone's childhood lunch staple, the fluffernutter.  The mixture of marshmallow and peanut butter is something that brings me right back to Westminster Elementary School's caf. 

Speaking of marshmallow, I always find it interesting that Fluff is a New England thing.  I remember being a kid on our Florida family vacations and trying to buy it down there, and people looking like we were nuts when we asked where it was kept.  I believe I saw on a Chronicle episode that Fluff is  actually made here in Massachusetts. So perhaps you aren't sure what a "fluffernutter" is, or EVEN Fluff itself.  And if you are one of these people, then please make these cookies.

Pat and Kenzie were big fans of these babies tonight.  Pat may or may not have eaten three (and he just grabbed a fourth to walk home with, telling me that they were "so good, Bridget!).  And even my picky Mama liked them!  She commented that the peanut butter cookies today are better than the crisscrosses I made yesterday.  I am not sure if she meant the cookies themselves taste better, or just the actual cooking was better (she said she would have liked them a bit "underdone" so they'd stay chewy).  Either way, she was happy, and that makes me happy.  The cookies themselves?  They are chewy and peanut buttery.  The marshmallows on top are melty and sticky, and the chocolate drizzle (courtesy of Mom!) is a great addition.  Go whip up some fluffernutters.

fluffernutter cookies

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