Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hi from Seabrook!

My family has officially moved to Seabrook, NH for the next two weeks. While there are tons of amazing things about being here (i.e. being feet from the beach, staying with family, the ice cream truck), this year I have discovered something not so good: the kitchen. I had no idea that when my mom joked about me bringing my kitchen supplies from home, SHE WAS NOT JOKING. This kitchen has nothing, and even if you buy something and expect it to be there the next year, things disappear here.

So tonight I made stuffed shells, 40 of them to be exact. It's the spinach-and-ricotta-stuffed ones I've made many times before (and if you are looking for the recipe, just search for stuffed shells on my blog. Not sure how to link to it on my iPad). The recipe is an easy one, but only if you have the right components! For instance, when it calls for grated Parmesan, not having a grater is a big problem (thanks to Jay for slicing it for me with a knife!). And not having a bowl to mix the cheese mixture in is an issue; I ended up using the container the spinach came in! And having to clean every pan before you use it is a pain. Not to mention the fact that the gas stove made the whole house about 105 degrees! Whew.

What I learned today is that my hobby is not so fun when I do not have the proper supplies. I really miss my grater, brand new this year! But let's be positive: I fed 11 hungry beach-goers and they were all very grateful. Excuse the poor-quality iPad photo, but they were enjoying their dinner!

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