Sunday, December 29, 2013

Guest Post #1: Mackenzie

As we come close to my second blogiversary this week, I thought it might be kind of fun to have some guest posts.  I have seen this done on other (real) blogs, and I've always wanted to give it a try.  While it is true that I have lots of recipes to share, as the new year begins, I think it is important to look back on the last two years of this blog, and all of the recipes I have made.  Some have been hugely successful, and others... not so much.

Then again, success depends on who you're talking to.  Besides Mark, who eats anything with a smile, my biggest cooking champion is probably my sister Mackenzie.  She is the least picky person in this house - she will tell you that she only hates mushrooms and lentils - so she can be the most fun to cook for.  She is willing to try most things, even the ones that seem pretty weird.  We also have similar tastes sometimes, such as our love for Oreos and all things potato.  For these reasons, I decided that she would be the perfect person to start off my guest posts.  And thus without further ado, here's Kenz.

Please introduce yourself!

Hi there. It's Mackenzie, Bridget's younger sister.  I am the middle of the three sisters.  For a long time, I was the cook in the family.  I  was a much different cook than Bridg. I had some specialties and was certainly not as adventurous as Bridget.  I like to cook meals such as chili, meatballs and sauce, pizza and cakes.  I enjoyed cooking but sometimes it was a bit overwhelming to be the chef among other duties.  I was more than happy to pass the kitchen over to someone else when Bridget came up with this new years resolution. Little did I know how drastically it would alter the culture of the house.

What do you think of Bridget's cooking?

As I said in the first question, Bridget is a very adventurous cook. She does not shy away from difficult recipes and is ready and willing to try almost anything complicated. THAT BEING SAID, she has grown increasingly opposed to meals including meat.  This has become a big issue in the house.  We need our protein!! Bridget will stir caramel for 4 straight hours but will not deal with any meats.  This is an interesting part of her cooking. She is a big proponent of the BYOI system (Buy Your Own Ingredients). This means if you pick a recipe, and buy the ingredients, she will make you whatever you want. This now excludes meat.  I also have to add that Bridge's cooking has gotten much weirder over time.  If you look back in her blog you will see that she made much more regular meals in the beginning.  Since then, it has changed into foods including odder and odder ingredients.  I am willing to try almost everything, except lentils and mushrooms, but I could go for some more "staple" type meals.

What do you wish Bridget would change about her cooking?

More meat. Less mushrooms and lentils.

What have been some of your favorite all-time recipes that Bridget has made?

-broccoli cheddar soup in homemade bread bowls
-Apple cider caramels
-pulled cauliflower 
-homemade pretzels
-cheesesteak soup
-chocolate crinkle cookies
-rice balls

What were your top 3 recipes from 2013?

-broccoli cheese soup
-cheesesteak soup
-pulled cauliflower with homemade bbq sauce

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