Monday, June 24, 2013

Orange Creamsicle Yogurt Bites

A sweet snack that is fat free, pull of protein, and tasted like a creamsicle?  Yup.  And that is what I have in store for you today!  I found these little orange creamsicle yogurt bites on Pinterest and immediately thought of Kenzie, who loves creamsicles, and Tuck, because the only ingredients are Greek yogurt and Jello, both of which he can have on his crazy diet.  Since they came up to visit a week ago, I got a chance to try them out.

I am not kidding when I say that the active working time on these guys is maybe 2 minutes.  You mix together orange Jello and Greek yogurt, microwave the mixture to melt the sugar, pour it into muffin cups, and refrigerate.  We ended up topping ours with a spray of whipped cream since that is how Tuck likes his Jello the best.  He was a big fan of these bites - stealing many of them before they were even fully set!  I thought they were rather awesome too, but I think that I would like them even better if I didn't use sugarless Jello; I always think that you can taste a chemically flavor in sugarless stuff.  But they really do taste like creamsicles!  And if you are looking for a cute little snack that can be made in 2 minutes, these might be them.  You can also mix and match flavors of the Jello and yogurt to try out different combinations... I think I would also like to try making them in mini cupcake liners to make smaller little bites.  Oh, endless options of yogurt bites!


orange creamsicle yogurt bites
from Cookies and Cups

1 1/2 cups vanilla Greek yogurt
1 (.3 ounce) package orange Jello mix (sugarless or regular)
*optional whipped cream topping


1) Line a muffin tin with 6 cupcake liners.

2) In a medium microwave-safe bowl, mix together yogurt and Jello mix, stirring to combine.

3) Microwave on high for 2 minutes, stirring after each minute.

4) Fill each cupcake liner with about 1/4 cup of mixture.

5) Chill cups for at least an hour until set.  Add whipped cream if desired.

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