Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chocolate Peanut Butter Tart

Pre-peanut butter!  How shiny is that ganache!?
This decadent little gem of a desert was one that I made for Kenzie's birthday. We were going out to dinner and dessert since her 25th fell on a Friday, but my mom still wanted me to make a cake or something to offer aunts, uncles, grandmothers, etc. who may be stopping by before we left at 7:00. I just wasn't in the mood for a cake, though. I stopped at the grocery store and sat there in my car, googling dessert ideas, and then when I re-discovered Annie's Eats' recipe for a chocolate peanut butter tart, I knew I was ready to bake! Annie had posted this back in the summer, and I thought it looked amazing, and frankly pretty easy too. You have to make a chocolate crust and bake it in the tart pan (it was my first time using my pie weights! Wahoo!). Then you make a really simple chocolate ganache (pour hot cream into chocolate. Wait. Stir! That's it!) and pour it on. Then melt some peanut butter in a microwave, pipe it onto the tart, and use a toothpick to marble it. And then you're done! Well, then you have to chill it, and by the time mine was chilled, it was time for everyone to leave, so no one ate it until the next day,

Note the peanut butter on the stove... ohhhh Mom!

The end result is a dessert that feels almost more like candy than a baked good. The crunchy chocolate crust is a good texture contrast to the smooth, creamy filling. It kind of tastes like a big peanut butter cup. It's very rich - you don't want to cut more than a little sliver. But it is good. And it is so pretty! My mom helped with the decorating; make sure when you marble the peanut butter, you just zig zag a toothpick through the peanut butter lines. At first Mom was swirling all over the place, and that side of the tart looks a little uglier than the other!

Bad swirling!!!
Unfortunately there is still a lot left here; my mother is not a chocolate/peanut butter person, and Kenzie said it "made her thirsty." Whatever that means. Nick has eaten quite a bit of it and says that it's great; the Cormiers were big fans too. Although there is really only one member of my family who has adored this tart more than anyone else, and that is Neely Mouse. He has never been so excited to eat anything in his year and a half of life! He usually hides any treats that he gets to eat later, but he is too ecstatic about the tart and eats it right away :) So if you have to make a birthday cake for a mouse any time soon, this is my recommendation. Or, if you happen to have a peanut butter/chocolate lover, and you have a couple hours to allow for all the cooling and chilling time, make this delicious, sweet, rich, beautiful and easy tart!
Muuuch better :)


chocolate peanut butter tart

from Annie's Eats


Happy birthday, Kenz!  I'll forgive you for eating someone else's cake ;)

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